The JSS PTO regularly applies for grants to help fund our garden, special arts events and residencies, and field trips.

Two grants we regularly apply for are grants given by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (the MCC).  Both grants are available on a first come, first served basis. One , the Big Yellow School Bus grant, opens in October, and will fund up to $200 toward busing costs for a field trip.  It is quite simple to fill out.  

The second annual MCC grant we apply for, the STARS residency, will pay up to $5000 for an artist or scientist to come work with the students at our school.  We have used that grant for artists and storytellers, as well as our garden specialists and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment.  The grant is more in depth, and will take a little time to prepare, with the help of the artist or scientist you are working with.  The most important aspect of this grant is that you submit is as soon as possible after the grant opening time.  So if the grant opens for submissions at 3pm on a certain day, try to make sure you submit the grant NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES after the grant opens.  Have everything ready to be filled in RIGHT AT THE MOMENT the grant opens.  Many local schools don't get the grant simply because they don't have someone dedicated to submitting it right as the grant opens.

We also apply for NEF grants.  The teachers can be a great help in applying for NEF grants, as many have great experience with it.