International Night: Feb. 3rd, 6-8pm

posted Jan 10, 2017, 8:43 AM by JSS PTO
International Night will be a celebration of the Jackson Street School’s cultural diversity and an opportunity for families and students to learn more about different countries and cultures. Sign up to participate! You can take pride in representing your home country, a country you have a connection with, or it could be an opportunity to choose a country to research as a family and represent at International Night.

Interested families would commit to “hosting” a country table. What does hosting involve?

  • Create a poster board with info from that country on it (where it is, key facts, info on language, food, people, traditions, etc.).

  • Figure out a traditional dish or drink to serve in sample sizes. This could be a snack, fruit, entre, dessert or drink. Be prepared to give out samples – small tastes of the item. Have info on what is in your food sample for people with allergies. You will need to provide napkins, plates or cups as needed for your item.

  • Optional - If you have items that represent your country (flag, pictures, knick knacks), display them on your table and if you choose (and have any), family members could wear traditional clothes.

  • If more than one family is interested in the same country, we’ll put you in touch with each other and you could combine efforts or have side by side tables.

    At the event, we will have paper passports for all children and flag stickers for each country that is represented. The stickers will be given to each country table and children will go around and get their passport “stamped”/stickered. Ideally, children will be asked to answer a question about that country in order to collect their sticker (answer would be on the country board – like what language is spoken there or what is the capital of that country or where in the world it is).

Families coming to the event can wander around and visit the different tables, try out the food samples and socialize with each other. We will also sell pizza (proceeds to the PTO) so that everyone can be fed. Towards the end of the evening we will hopefully have some multicultural dance and music performances in the gym.

The planning committee is currently meeting at 6pm prior to the PTO meetings (2nd Wednesday of each month) in the JSS library.

Jan 10, 2017, 8:45 AM