Transperformance is the Northampton Arts Council's annual end-of-summer music festival at Pines Theater in Look Park. For 25 years Transperformance has been entertaining crowds of thousands while raising money for arts enrichment programs in Northampton public schools. Every year the event is held on the last Tuesday in August and sells out the Pines Theater at Look Park in Florence. The original concept for Transperformance was for local bands to take on a persona of another established nationally recognized act and perform or “Transperform” their bands’ style. The acts that are chosen are done thematically, such as Transperformance 22 “Food Groups” (Heather Maloney as Amy Winehouse) or Transperformance 24 “Off the Map” (Colorway as Boston) or Transperformance 23 “Beyond Bob” (Rusty Belle as Bob Dylan). During the concert, PTO from the schools run food booths to raise money and provide refreshment for the audience.  A large portion of the proceeds from the concert are donated to the PTOs of the Northampton Public Schools.  The amount of funding the Northampton Arts Council sends is determined by our board of directors and is related to the total financial picture of Transperformance. Each P.T.O. receives the same amount of funding, often from $1000 to $1500 per year.  Checks are sent out in the spring of the year following the concert.