The JSS Talent Show 

Our annual Talent Show is a big event in May.  Auditions are often in April, and are open to all JSS Students.  To all Jackson Street School Students: We need your talents! Please prepare an act that shows off your talents. Do you have a talent you want to show off? Please give us your ideas. We want you! Show off your gymnastic skills, jump rope, do acrobatics-draw a cartoon- do yo yo tricks- sing- lead a cheer- do a martial arts demonstration- do magic tricks- be a mime- twirl a baton- do a puppet show---juggle – rap- be a ventriloquist- do a short dramatic scene- dance; hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz, swing, play a musical instrument- be a comedian, be an MC, tell jokes, riddles, tell a funny story, a short sketch- recite poetry- impersonate a famous person- dress up like a super hero or magic wizard……..form a band!!!